boinctui: A proper text-based user interface

I have only a smidgin of experience with boinc projects; years ago I installed a Windows tool to crunch numbers in the background. I think it was a screensaver of some sort, detecting when your computer was idle and using that time to fold proteins or search for aliens.

It wasn’t on my computer long; those were the Windows days, and I used to reinstall every other week to keep the system perky. How odd, in retrospect. … 😐

I don’t work with boinc at all any more, and yet you’d think with the rash of leftover computers scattered around the house, malaria would be cured, the Collatz Conjecture would be solved, aliens would be contacted and the scourge of pop music would be banished.

I blame myself, really. 😳

Point being, I always found it somewhat redundant, or perhaps just plain ignorant, to waste system resources on displaying a graphical environment if you need the CPU to phone home.

Here’s a very lightweight, easy-to-navigate interface for your boincing: boinctui.


And with updates as recently as two or three months ago, if I remember.

Menu driven, clean interface, lots of color: Really, this is the way a console application should look.

Of course, I have to assume you know what you’re doing with boinc in the first place, and that you know how to configure and set it up.

But aside from that … break out the Pentiums. Time to start crunching numbers. 😉

2 thoughts on “boinctui: A proper text-based user interface

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  2. Andy C.

    I’m not exactly an expert in the field, but I doubt Pentiums are useful when it comes to number crunching. (Or CPUs in general, for that matter – GPUs can do math way faster.)

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