bittorrent and bittornado: The original and its mimic

Unless I’m mistaken, this is the original beast that started it all.


Which makes this its nearest relative, so to speak.


On top is bittorrent, and below is bittornado. Definitely a resemblance. Oddly enough, they both seem to have similar shortcomings too.

I almost skipped over both of them. Because bittorrent, as luck would have it, no longer has a home. And bittornado, as luck would have it, no longer has links to its source code (you can just let that spin for a while, if you want).

Debian comes to the rescue again though, and as you can see, both work fine in Wheezy.

As far as I can tell, you can’t add multiple torrents to either. So one torrent, once instance.

However, both will allow you to tack a link to a torrent directly into the command line, and they’ll immediately start downloading. Which is nice.

And they both have pleasing, if somewhat rudimentary, interfaces. With progress bars and torrent information, which always wins points from me.

There are better, more developed bittorrent clients for the console these days. And some download tools that can handle torrents too.

But it is nice to check back with the original, and a close relative. Good to see they’re still working. 😉