bing: I was better off not knowing

My new home has Internet service included, which is nice. However, the line speed is a bit slow — or at least a lot slower than I have had in the past.

Of course in Japan a few years ago, I had fiber-optic-to-the-wall, so I am rather spoiled. 🙄

I had to wonder though, if the limitation I have now was due to the subscribed line, or if it was being choked after it reached the building’s router.

Unfortunately — and yes, I do mean unfortunately — I found bing.


bing can measure line speeds between two hosts, and as you can see, the speed between the in-house router ( and, for example, is quite fast.

Grr. 👿 I was better off not knowing.

bing works a lot like ping, except that you supply two hosts and it will do the rest.

bing has a lot of options, mostly for analyzing the recovered data and so forth. You can dig around in those if you want.

For my own part, I’m going to get on the phone to my landlord, and find out what his excuse is. 👿

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