burn: An aptly named script

burn took me a long time to find, and then when I did find it, I found I had to twist myself around to take a look at it.


For one thing, the AUR version doesn’t seem to build for me — it required python-eye3d, which must have been in AUR at some point, but isn’t now.

Luckily Debian has it in its repositories; the downside being that I have something else installed on the D600 right now, and couldn’t get to it right away.

All that is immaterial. What little I can show of burn is above. Best I can tell, it works, although what you see there is Mint on the x86_64, and I don’t have a USB CD player for the Acer.

A lot of entanglements here, don’t you think?

Please don’t let that color your opinion of burn. I didn’t go all the way to burning a CD with it, but the preliminary runs seemed fine.

It has a configuration system, and the readme files have lots of examples. If the standard command-line flags for CD burning are too configured or you just want something simpler, this might be the answer. 😉