barnowl: A fullscreen, monochrome IM client

Time for another instant messenger. Like I’ve said many times before, the problem with jumping into clients is, unless you’ve got an account for that particular service, there’s not much point.

The biggest, baddest chat client in the world means zero to me if it only runs in a discrete service. šŸ™„

barnowl, luckily, has access to jabber, so I can show a little more than just a startup screen.

2013-08-20-4dkln41-barnowl-01 2013-08-20-4dkln41-barnowl-02 2013-08-20-4dkln41-barnowl-03

For what I’ve seen, this handles jabber, aim, zephyr and maybe one or two more protocols. I’ve only really looked at the jabber side.

I haven’t seen much color in this, and aside from the ascii owl, no graphical element either. The lower third of the screen is where your commands appear, and the upper part is where replies show.

Startup help is very quick and easy. And pressing the h key gives a whole list of possible commands, in a central box and scrollable.

About the only criticism I have of barnowl, after just a little while working with it, is that it seems like messages could easily get lost at the top. With everything in one color and some bolding here or there, I predict messages could get lost.

Perhaps if you use barnowl you can give me some advice. Because it may be that I just care too much about color in an application. šŸ™„

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