bastet: Just as infuriating as ever

Reaching back, back, back again, here’s a game for you … if you can call it that.

2013-08-20-v5-122p-bastet-normal 2013-08-20-v5-122p-bastet-hard

I’m not really sure if bastet is a game, or if it’s intended to drive up your stress levels. I vote for the latter.

Oh, there is a “normal” level. One where the computer isn’t actively trying to confound you. 👿

That one is straightforward enough. I can handle it. You probably could too.

“Hard” level is nothing you want to try if you’re on blood pressure medication, or if the voices in your head are already a little perturbed.

I knew bastet before I installed it though. This isn’t our first meeting.

And of course, there’s a long list of Tetris clones out there, and lots of those are for the terminal.

So when this one finally drives you insane, you can take it down a notch. 😈

2 thoughts on “bastet: Just as infuriating as ever

  1. MrFrood

    The version of Tetris that is part of BSD-games is my favourite, unless one is an absolute novice to Tetris I’d suggest starting it on level two with the command (on Debian) ‘tetris-bsd -l2 -p’.

    N.B: bastet is pure evil IMHO 😉

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