backgammon: A better teacher this time

I felt a little foolish last time I talked about backgammon games; I am sure gnubg is a very good backgammon game, but my near-zero experience led me to rush over it rather unfairly.

backgammon — out of the bsd-games package — is probably more my speed.


With a detailed tutorial and a quick rundown on how to move and arrange pieces, I was up and playing in a matter of minutes.

Of course, the computer flogged me like an unwanted puppy, but I deserved it. And I didn’t feel bad, since I had had ample instruction and preparation time.

If you do play backgammon, I would be interested in which is more of a challenge, or at least which you prefer.

I was trounced in one game by a +/- 30-year-old software program; I can only hope it was programmed at the grand master level. Or whatever it’s called in backgammon. 🙄

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