arithmetic: Exactly what it says

I am occasionally at a loss for what applications do or what they are for.

Most often this is the case for esoteric network tools or programming suites. There are things I just never see, as a common desktop Linux user.

Here’s one I have very little to say about, but I must say something: arithmetic.


Another grand entry from the bsd-games suite, this … this apparently … tests your basic arithmetic ability. 😯

And unless there’s an easter egg hidden in there, that’s all it does.

Is it a game? I don’t know. Is it an educational tool? I don’t know.

Yes, it times you. And yes, it keeps score. But as best I can see, unless you’re 4 years old and learning your basic maths, there’s nothing else here. …

And that’s all I will say about that. 😐

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