amulecmd: Peer-to-peer at the console

I’m drifting now, into territories that I have little experience in, and can’t show much effort as a result.

I seem to remember eDonkey and eMule from a long time ago, but I don’t think I ever used them. As a result, amule is a bit of a mystery to me.

There is, however, a console rendition of amule in amulecmd.


What little research I did suggested that cas is necessary to use amulecmd. Unfortunately, soon after that I was prompted for a password, and without one I couldn’t get much further.

If you use the network or know how to connect, this might be interesting to you.

I’m going to lump amulecmd in with the few other downloader tools I’ve mentioned though. This puts it in rather august company — alongside axel and aria2c.

It also means the few download tools I’ve investigated all start with the letter A. Now why do you suppose that is? 😕