Advanced Copy: Sorely needed, for a long time

I’ve had a silent, long-standing complaint about some of the core utilities in Linux. Where some are occasionally unexpressive, others are downright antisocial.

cp and mv are the main culprits. Even with their “verbose” flags, what you get is little more than one file name pointing at another. That’s no improvement.

Advanced Copy is very much an improvement though.


That’s the way it should be! That’s what I’m after: Transfer rates. File sizes. A proper progress bar and percent complete, with a second readout for overall progress, as needed. 😀

Now before all the Unix purists come along and bite my head off, let me just say there are many tools in the box, and this one I prefer. I know about pv and other piping toys, but I’d rather just work with this.

Fair enough? 😉

8 thoughts on “Advanced Copy: Sorely needed, for a long time

  1. 4d43

    Cool post!
    I’m using Debian, and Advanced Copy is not available from official repositories, so I searched more. I found gcp, which is packaged in Debian, and if you install gcp and python-progressbar, it seems similar (and you don’t have to download coreutils sources, patch them, etc…)

  2. Sam Duncan

    I just discovered this a week or two ago and wondered if you knew about it. It’s a patch to the coreutils cp, so there aren’t any surprises (apart from pleasant ones 😉 ). It’s great for NFS over a slow wi-fi link, or copying large files to a USB2 backup drive…. which is actually why I started looking for something like it.

    1. Duncan Snowden

      Darn. Used my nom-de-blog there. Stupid Firefox. Feel free to change it if you can be bothered.

  3. tingol

    Great! I was using pycp but patching the regular coreutils version seems like the better way to go.

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