grive: Sync with Google Drive

I’m not a Google Drive user; these days I am more than a little concerned about cloud storage. Always have been.

If you are though, there is an open-source, console-based tool for syncing with your Google Drive folder. grive does a decent job at keeping its promise.

2013-08-10-v5-122p-grive-01 2013-08-10-v5-122p-grive-02 2013-08-10-v5-122p-grive-03

Simple before-and-after sequence there. πŸ˜‰

As I see it, grive considers your local folder to be the master, and makes changes to your Drive account as needed.

If something is missing locally, it deletes it remotely. There may be ways to adjust that behavior, and I just didn’t look hard enough for them.

If the home page is to be believed, grive has a few shortcomings, in terms of what it can and will upload or download.

Dot-files are ignored, as are files containing slashes, because the escape sequence is odd to handle, according to the site.

There are also some restrictions on files located in more than one place. I’m not fully grasping the issue; brush up on it before you rely on grive. You wouldn’t want to lose something.

Other than that, grive does what it promises, cleanly and without too much hullabaloo.

If you can convince me to use Google Drive, in this day and age, I might get to know it better. πŸ™„

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