Bonus: Post 250, and seven years

This morning’s post about grive brings the total for this blog up to 250 posts.

That’s a little more than one a day, on average, since January 1.

At the same time, WordPress was kind enough to note that yesterday was my seventh anniversary since opening a blog here.

Seven years (less a hiatus) of technobabble. 😯 Who’d’ve thunk it.

Cheers and thanks for hanging around. 😉

P.S.: The first post is a little hard to find. Here’s a link for you, if you’re feeling nostalgic.

5 thoughts on “Bonus: Post 250, and seven years

  1. Greezael

    Congratulations for your work on the blog. Let’s hope there are many more years to come ^_^

  2. makkan77

    Congratulations and thank you for two excellent blogs. Without your inspiration I would never have started using my old Toshiba Laptop (233 MHz and 96 MB RAM) an later converting it to a digital picture frame.

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