gt5: An unusual disk usage monitor

Shuffling things up again, here’s a disk usage monitor that comes in an novel shape: gt5.


I messed with gt5 a few years ago and liked what I found. It’s unconventional but clean, unusual but flexible.

In a nutshell, gt5 dumps disk usage information into an html document, with folders and files listed as links and text.

It’s a very useful way to display the information, and in a format most people are familiar with.

Many of gt5’s defaults I don’t quite like — for example, it screens out very small files unless you say otherwise. Personally, I’d prefer the opposite.

The screenshot above shows gt5 working with elinks (my $BROWSER) but the same results are possible with Firefox or probably any other browser.

To be honest, I don’t keep gt5 on my machine because it’s rare that I need a usage meter. And because there’s another one I prefer.

You knew that was coming, didn’t you? 😉

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