gnubg: A better player than I ever will be

Things have gotten a little serious lately, what with macchanger and gnupg out there.

Let’s switch gears — and letters actually 😉 — and go from gnupg to gnubg.


I learned how to play backgammon once a long time ago, but I have to admit I’ve since forgotten. And since I was never much of a player to start with, I’m afraid my prowess with gnubg is dreadfully lacking.

But as you can see, there is a text-only client for gnubg, and it’s gracious enough to give you a full diagram at every move.

Which is good, because some GNU games (I’m looking at you, gnuchess 👿 ) leave you wondering what is going on. Unless you prod them.

Not that a graphical interface is utterly necessary, but it is helpful for games that work with grids and patterns. 🙄

If you are a skilled backgammon player I would suggest trying gnubg, and telling us how it performs. I’d do it myself, but my computer would probably collapse in laughing fits. 😐

P.S.: Yes, there is a graphical version too.

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