adresownik: A crash course in Polish

I have no experience with Polish; I’ve never been to Poland, and never met anyone from there either, now that I think about it.

But as niski pointed out a month ago, adresownik works, even if there is no English translation available.


That’s okay. I have Google Translate. 😐

It’s simple, and maybe a little confusing if you’re like me and aren’t sure what it’s asking for.

And as niski said, other than name, family name and e-mail address, it doesn’t seem to hold much.

But it’s there and it works. 😉

2 thoughts on “adresownik: A crash course in Polish

  1. dariusz

    Hi! i’m from poland. I read your blog regularly. it’s very nice to read about a program form poland.
    and the same message in polish:) cześć! jestem z polski. czytam twój blog regularnie. to bardzo miło przeczytać o programie z polski.

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