dmpc: A client for a client for a daemon

With as much love for dmenu as I profess, you’d think I would snuggle right up to dmpc.


Fact is, I find it a little awkward, if you can believe it.

For one thing, the home page is gone, even if the AUR package has a link to the source code.

So the only information I have about dmpc is inside that package, and its documentation. But it will take some additional configuration to get it going.

For one thing, you’ll probably want to tie it to a keypress in your window manager. For Openbox, that means editing .config/openbox/rc.xml, and adding dmpc. In Musca, that would be your .musca_start file.

Regardless, that will need adjustment. Then dmpc seems to have its own configuration file, which also wants to know paths for libraries and playlists.

And remember, this is really just a “client” for mpc, which is in turn a client for the daemon. So again, like draai, we’re running an additional layer around the controlling program around the active daemon.

Too many layers for my liking, and too much additional editing. Especially when some clients and players are literally fire-and-forget.

No matter. If you already use dmenu, this will be a piece of cake to add to your setup. If you already use mpc, this will only be a small addition, and probably a little more convenient.

If you don’t fit into one of those categories though … well, try it and see. 😐

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