Bonus: The sounds of silence

My original plan was to skim through each and every audio program I had on file, check to see if it actually worked, and if not, list it here, on this page, as a potential null set.

I’m going to deviate slightly, only because I already have a fairly strong idea who’s playing on the team, and who has drifted off into infinity.

I have two categories to list here though: One is “dead-and-or-dying,” and the other is “K.Mandla-is-too-dense-to-figure-this-out.” I try to be fair, and not blame my failings on someone else. πŸ™„

Group one:

  • benmp3 and ginetob, as I more or less already knew, end up in this category. Both lack source files, to the best of my searching.
  • I don’t have much to say about yauap, except that it spat out errors when I compiled it in Arch, so I transplanted a version from Debian Squeeze. That behaved itself, but refused to play either ogg files or mp3s. That may be an issue with gstreamer-(whatever), or just a problem with my surgical skills.
  • Musicus and its frontend Cjukebox may just be so far out of date that they require heavy code repair. I managed to circumvent one small compile error by adjusting one source file, but after a second one appeared, my bag of tricks was empty.
  • jinamp, which I think was intended as a successor to benmp3, will compile for me in Arch, but doesn’t seem to play anything. There’s no interface either, it seems, so running the program is a bit … uneventful.
  • I mentioned ncxmms2, but not ncxmms because I couldn’t find a source file for it. Not even the grand archives of Debian could give me a lonely tarball. No source, no party. … 😐
  • Similar problems for cxfe. Won’t build with the AUR package. Debian and Ubuntu are oblivious to this. And the link on the home page to .deb files is dead.
  • pytone has been around a while, but I’ve never seen it run. It must have worked for someone at some time in the past though. My Arch system scowled at me when I tried to build it, and a transplanted “binary” from Debian spat out errors too. But in a Linux Mint live environment, pytone gave errors on installation, which I’ve never seen before, and even a transplanted Debian version refused to work. So pytone becomes the great mystery of the decade.

The next ones are either too obscure for me to set up, or I just lack the requisite wherewithal to do right by them.

  • I’m not ashamed to admit that m9u seemed so convoluted and so meagerly documented that I couldn’t even figure on where to start. If you find something, let me know.
  • epris, on the other hand, seemed fairly straightforward for a text-only background music “daemon,” but I’ll be darned if I could get it configured and working. Is it a system service? Should I start it with systemctl? Hmm. πŸ˜•
  • Similarly, but to a lesser extent, Mylene escapes me. I can compile the software and I see that there have been updates even within the past months, but I don’t hear any sound. Which usually means I’ve done something wrong.
  • pimpd and pimpd2 are both mentioned as command-line players for mpd, but neither would build in Arch because of the knot of perl dependencies, and Debian didn’t seem to know about them. I know I probably ought to provide due diligence and get them installed, but … but … those dependencies. … 😯
  • mpdc probably works, but by this point my configuration for mpd was probably so mangled that it couldn’t handle the stress. Mangled or not, all I got from it were python errors. It does look useful if you prefer mpd and want some flexibility. Extra points if you can tell me why the Arch version needs GTK3. πŸ‘Ώ
  • vimus probably works too, but this time there were some issues installing stuff through Cabal, and I don’t know enough about Haskell to figure out what the errors were. Or how to get around them.
  • I had great hopes for mplay, but after building a lot of obscure perl packages and taking its sweet time assembling, it eventually just gave me error messages. So disappointing. …
  • bplay and brec (and I suppose vplay and vrec too) may be too intricate for me to figure out. In most cases, there seemed to be issues with device addresses. Those are my weak point. πŸ™„

Again, it may be that those last ones all work, but I am too much of a dunderhead to figure them out. (I might also note that they all seem to work on a daemon-client model, like mpd and its ilk. I think.)

If you get any or all of those working, or your distro has manageable copies, please tell. Science demands it.

2 thoughts on “Bonus: The sounds of silence

  1. Lex

    That’s not a valid systemd service file. So, no, using systemctl won’t work.
    It should work without that, as systemd will start dbus and this thing is primed against that.
    But beside this I cannot say more. Also likely it doesn’t work anymore with newer dbus-glib versions.

    >Extra points if you can tell me why the Arch version needs GTK3. πŸ‘Ώ
    Zenity. Something from gnome.. Well.. then gtk3 cannot be far away πŸ˜€ The README states gtk2, but the news file lists since 2.91.90 gtk3 as a dependency.

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