herrie: Similar, yet different

If twice-daily posts about console music players aren’t your thing, I’ll understand if you’ve tuned out by now.

The sad part though, is that you’ll have missed quite a few audio options, and some of them rather clever.

herrie looks and behaves a lot like a cplay clone, but with a vertical arrangement, rather than a horizontal one. Or maybe I mean the opposite. Never mind. 🙄 Screenshot time:

2013-07-25-v5-122p-herrie-01 2013-07-25-v5-122p-herrie-02

An image is worth a thousand words. 😉

Commandwise, herrie is a mix between cplay and cmus, and maybe with a little vim thrown in there.

Navigate the directory tree with cursor keys or h-j-k-l, add files with the a key. Bounce between the playlist and the browser with the tab key.

I use herrie in “XMMS mode,” so the z-x-c-v-b keys control back, play, pause, stop and next.

By default herrie trims songs from the playlist as they finish, something the man page calls “party mode.” Use an -x flag to party XMMS style. 😉

I like herrie for being simple, straightforward, and for keeping both the browser and the playlist on the screen at once.

Sometimes the cplay style of dedicating the entire terminal to either the playlist or the browser, and switching back and forth with the whole screen … well, it seems cumbersome. But I would never say it out loud.

Or maybe I just did. … 😳

P.S.: No line drawing characters, by the way. If your framebuffer font is unhappy drawing lines, this might be an easier-on-the-eyes application. …

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