find: Simply the best tool out there

Since I missed so many days this month, I am going to double up today, and mention find too.


I flitted past find about three months ago, when I dredged up a three-years expired desktop search app called doodle.

Probably unfairly, I mentioned that find could do probably everything doodle promised, and probably better.

I’d have to stand by that statement — not only because I still haven’t seen doodle do anything, but because I think find is the obvious solution anytime you need to … well, find something. šŸ™„

Apps that have mile-long man pages are probably well thought out and well developed. find ranks up there.

The real problem is that I can’t hand out any special find tips or tricks.

I usually don’t need much more than the -name flag and the -exec flag, and only rarely do I use -print0 with xargs, as is sometimes advised.

So as little as I like saying it, you’ll have to skim through the manual and find out how it works, to see its sheer power.

I will give you a push (or two) in the right direction though. Good luck, and happy searching. šŸ˜‰