calcurse: Simple is best … usually

I mention calcurse today, knowing full well I am of two minds on it.


(Warning, another big gif.)

I used calcurse for more than a year and never felt shortchanged or underpowered.

However, I also left it for wyrd when I realized how much more detail and power I could get out of the remind substructure.

calcurse was a winner for me for a long time, just for its simplicity.

Controls are obvious, menus are terse but complete, and there is enough customization that you can make it feel like home.

But I’ve told you about remind and wyrd already, and as soon as you see — or need — the detail and precision that they offer, you’ll probably shift.

So basically, if your life is simple, you’ll like calcurse. The instant it gets complicated … hello, wyrd. 😐

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