iotop: In, out, up, down

I managed to drop the ball yesterday and didn’t have time to write up another text-based system monitor.

I promised iotop, which is probably not particularly new for you, but is worth noticing again.


(Careful, that gif is rather large. … :| )

I’d love to really dig into iotop and get show some cool things to do with it, but you’ll have to experiment on your own.

A tool like iotop is fantastic for its sheer obviousness — I don’t know of many other monitors specific to I/O functions.

And best of all … updates as recent as May! :mrgreen: I do like an actively maintained application. … :)

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5 thoughts on “iotop: In, out, up, down

  1. Mike

    Thank you very much for your this blog! I do have a suggestion for improvement though. As I want to keep my server clean of bloatware, would it be possible that you tag python applications as such?

    Technically, these applications should not be on this blog at all (“lightweight and minimalist”) … ;-)

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