greed: Alluring to some

greed has a lot of fans out there; I have to be honest and say that my reaction is a little less animated than theirs.


Not that I dislike number games, or that I can’t understand it.

It has all the right moves: a simple premise, obvious controls, plenty of color.

It just doesn’t really grab me.

My own opinion aside, greed works by moving a highlighted symbol in any direction, to a distance determined by the first number you strike. Moving over a number removes it from the board.

The object obviously then, is to erase as much of the board as possible, before becoming trapped and unable to complete a move. You get a score for your efforts.

Numerologists (but not numismatologists) will enjoy this, for its complexity and implications.

And I can imagine where a sudoku fan might likewise find greed intriguing.

I leave it to them, and to you, to try. 😉

2 thoughts on “greed: Alluring to some

  1. Ander GM

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