bitlbee: IM + IRC = IMIRC?

Most of what I know about bitlbee comes from the home page.

I don’t have much occasion to use bitlbee, mostly because I don’t spend much time in chat channels. I respect them as a viable source of information, but I find them a bit saccharine at times.

That being said, an IM client that splices with an IRC tool is probably quite useful for a lot of people.

I took a little time and tried to set it up today; following the Arch Wiki was a breeze, but once I had it going I realized I didn’t have anyone to chat with. Again.


So I can assume it works like it should, even though I haven’t actually used it. I hear quite a few testimonials, particularly among people who are fans of irssi.

I suppose it works within other chat clients too. Chime in if you have an experience to report.

9 thoughts on “bitlbee: IM + IRC = IMIRC?

  1. Scott Hansen

    I’ve been using Bitlbee + Weechat for a long time. Mostly I use it to message my wife and kids either via AIM phone-number addresses or Gtalk when I’m sitting at my computer. Although I do keep several IRC rooms open (#archlinux, #mutt, etc.) in case I’m really bored :). It starts automatically and just runs quietly alongside mutt in a tmux instance until I need it.


  2. demuredemeanor

    It is quite useful. You can also use twitter via bitlbee. Using twitter via bitlbee + weechat means you can also use smart filters on your twitter feed ^__^

  3. Matthew

    Don’t forget that bitlbee can be made to work with OTR. For me bitlebee and irssi are an easier setup the mccabber.

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