conconky: A conky for your console

I do believe every Linux user of at least one or two days of experience has seen conky.

And it may be that you know conky works at the console too.

conconky appears to be a separate effort; whether it borrows from the main conky project or not, I don’t know.

Here’s what it does:


Not bad, all things considered.

conconky has a few shortcomings over the standard X-dependent conky.

First, from Arch, I needed to use sudo to get conconky painted onto the framebuffer. That’s nobody’s fault, but if you try this at home, be forewarned.

Next, conconky’s list of recognized sequences is short — very short.

I added a ${HOSTNAME} to my command, so I could at least show that little bit of extra info.

Otherwise, it’s basically time or memory usage, plus maybe one or two other things. No network interface, no color controls, no human-readable conversion.

If you work at it, you might be able to force it across more than one line.

Lastly, it only shows on the upper right of your display — all the displays, I might add.

Switch virtual consoles and it will follow you. Maybe that’s good and maybe that’s bad.

But what I’d really like is to force it into a different corner, or center it at the top.

No such luck, in its present state. Maybe future versions will address these issues.

Until then, it’s not a bad tool. Like so many things, it will depend on how you make use of it. … 🙂

3 thoughts on “conconky: A conky for your console

  1. Ander GM

    You can pipe standard conky output to the TMUX status bar:

    set-option -g status-right “#(conky -i 1)”

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