Bonus: Fair warning

If you have sharp eyes, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of my screenshots and handy-dandy animated gifs have timestamps from a month before their published date.

And that should clue you in that I usually prepare posts ahead of time, and schedule them for release on a day-to-day basis.

I do that primarily because my real-life workload is unpredictable, but also because it suits me to work on two or three short posts at a time, rather than one daily.

Starting soon though, I have (yet) another transcontinental move scheduled.

And while I have prepared several posts to cover up the time when I am offline, there may be a day or two without an update. That is unavoidable, given the rather unpredictable nature of moving between countries.

I anticipate being able to connect to the Internet within a few days of my official departure date, but it may be that I can’t properly add new material for a while longer.

In any case, please be patient. A long time ago, I promised an application a day … and I believe thus far I’ve kept my word. šŸ˜‰

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