Zork I: The classic, having aged somewhat

I will confess that I remember when Zork was released, and remember playing it on a breadbox C64 way way back in the day.

I will also confess that I had a love-hate relationship with it.


Zork at times could be so infuriating, words cannot describe. At other times, the ease of typing “attack troll” was liberating.

Your ease in revisiting that sense of liberation, or fury, will depend a bit on your distro of choice.

It appears however, that the frotz interpreter is the ticket, and the data files are free for download.

I’m still working with Arch these days, so if you need to take extra steps to get it working in your distro, let us know. Care, please share.

For what it’s worth, Zork ran through a long and distinguished series of sequels, and I am sure some of them were better than others.

As far as I know, only the first three have been released freely; others may require you to part with your beloved cash. You tell me.

After all, I remember Zork, but I remember both the good times and the bad. … 👿

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