Liberal Crime Squad: Too much to tell

The other day I mentioned I prefer detailed games with depth and intricacy, and I cited crawl, taipan and a few others as examples.

Well, that comment may have come back to bite me on the

Because this is Liberal Crime Squad, a game that just has too much detail and strategy to discuss in a simple plog boast:


And that is only the opening sequence, before the game ever starts. 😯

I should’ve known this would be a monster, after seeing the Bay 12 Games fingerprint on it.

If the same people who make the jaw-dropping Dwarf Fortress were involved in this, then the world is indeed a wondrous place.

Regardless, lcs (installed as crimesquad in the AUR version) combines strategic, tactical and even some small role-playing elements.

It will take a measure of familiarity with American politics, so it might not be interesting to some people. On the other hand, it might be downright insulting to some others.

Personally, I have very little contact with American politics, and even less knowledge of them, so I leave it to you if the game is intriguing at all.

I can, however, guarantee it will keep you busy for a while. 😮

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