doneyet: A middle-ground task manager

I mentioned yokadi the other day, and followed it quickly with hnb. I feel I ought to mention doneyet here, because it seems to fall neatly between the two.


doneyet will trap you in a tty window but gives you plenty of space to work with, using one-key commands to add, edit or otherwise manage your task list.

As you can see, the entire business is neatly arranged through columns, with notes on the right and folding project entries on the left.

doneyet lets you manage a lot of the display and behavior through configuration options, so if you prefer a particular color scheme, you’ve got that going for you.

So how does it compare to … others? Well, it has a hierarchical nature, like hnb, but allows a little more structure for projects and nested tasks.

So if hnb is a bit to sparse or free-form, doneyet might force you into manageable structures.

At the same time, this is a bit quicker to navigate and steer than ikog or yagtd or the like. It also keeps a visual element that those lack.

So yes, I might be straddling the fence, but I think this one sits neatly between the two extremes.

P.S.: If you think this is something you might like to get to know intimately, I can suggest urukrama’s classic introduction to doneyet.

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