ecasound: Looks quite powerful

I’ll be honest: In most cases, outside of music playback or conversion tools, sound utilities are on my periphery.

In short what I’m trying to say is … I don’t really know what to do with ecasound.


I’ve tinkered with it a little. I’ve read a few man pages and looked at one or two tutorials. But aside from being obviously quite powerful, I don’t know what to say.

Probably most of my ignorance stems from a lack of necessity. Like I said, I rarely do much to sound files outside of playing them or transmogrifying them.

So if you have tips or advice, please clue me in. I’d be interested in how to work this right.

3 thoughts on “ecasound: Looks quite powerful

  1. Jair-Rôhm

    Ecasound is the most powerful command line, multi-track production tool in existance. For an audio professional, it is a far more efficient way of accomplishing many of the tasks that one is faced with during the normal course of mixing and mastering. Just look at it this way: by the time Protools opens, one can have the job finished in Ecasound 😉

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