camp: An audio player with real style

Console audio players have a lot more style and panache than most people think.

ocp, for one, is rife with bells and whistles. ncmpcpp, despite being difficult to say, has that awesome visualizer.

Here’s another one intended to entice your eyes: camp.

2013-04-23-solo-2150-camp-7bit 2013-04-23-solo-2150-camp-jungle

(The gif effect was a little wasted there. This machine can’t do much to keep up with playing a tune and recording animation. 🙄 )

The shots I give you aren’t very impressive. camp has a lot more in the way of visual style than I could configure.

Setup is a little tricky, but you’re in luck. Markus Ulfberg has done all the heavy lifting and can walk you through the process.

Markus was kind enough to send me a note about it and hold my hand as I got it going; if you need a coach to get that glitter on your Pentium, he’s your best friend.

And despite what you might think, it’s worth the time it takes to wrestle with camp. The looks of envy from your geeky (and non-geeky) friends will be oh-so-satisfying. … 😈

5 thoughts on “camp: An audio player with real style

  1. makkan77

    Actually the real heavy lifting was done by the original developer who learned of my attempts and rewrote his code to compile properly on newer systems. Thanks for the linkback 😉

  2. makkan77

    I see that you are using a terminal emulator in your latest posts. This might be a good time to revisit CAMP since it’s alot less hassle to get the graphics nice in a terminal emulator.

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