gcal: More power to you

Calendar tools, calendar tools. Lots of those to tell about. Of course it all started with cal, a month or so ago.

Here’s a souped-up rendition of that, which goes by a clever name … gcal.


This is a GNU tool, so you’re getting something cleverly powerful and deceptively slim.

gcal by default will give you output that looks a lot like cal’s, but one quick look at its help flags tells you it does much more.

You know, I’d love to go into detail on this one, but I couldn’t do much better than the help manual.

The man pages are a big boost too, if it turns out you do need something with more power than the original cal.

2 thoughts on “gcal: More power to you

  1. Yu-Jie Lin

    The feature of gcal I like most is its holiday list, e.g. `gcal –cc-holiday=GB_EN+US_NY –holiday-list=long .` The holidays are highlighted in calendar and it even tells how many days until the holidays or the holidays have passed.

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