devtodo: Much to do, about something

I remember devtodo from a long time ago, and I’ll be honest, my opinion on it hasn’t changed too much.


It’s quick and speedy, but I still prefer applications that make use of space, or offer a proper interface.

I know that’s my prejudice and so I try my best to quell it when I suspect it is muddying the waters of perception.

And I do like the color schemes at work here. And it does offer a few interactive moments, such as you can see in the screenshot.

One small confession though: Occasionally I find tools like this to be actually more cumbersome than something with an interface.

Just as an example, I would probably rely on ctodo before devtodo, just because typing out long task descriptions and priorities at the bash prompt is not appealing to me.

I would much prefer to arrange things visually, and see things in organized layouts.

That might sound odd — particularly coming from me — but that’s how I like to do business. 😉

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