doodle: A “desktop” search tool … of sorts

I’m just going to say it out loud, right now, up front: I can’t imagine exactly what doodle could offer as a search tool that the traditional Unix find tool can’t do.

And unfortunately, since I had some trouble getting doodle to do what I thought it was supposed to do … I may never know for sure.

2013-03-31-solo-2150-doodle-01 2013-03-31-solo-2150-doodle-02

As you can see, doodle claims to be building a database, but then can’t seem to find anything … at all.

I will try not to be too critical though; doodle hasn’t seen attention in three years, and while that’s not very long in software years, it might have been enough to eclipse it.

And for all my years to tinkering at the console, I do still make mistakes. Perhaps PEBKAC.

Either way. I shall probably stick with find. It’s done a bang-up job for me so far. 😉

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