cortex: In a very similar vein

Since I just mentioned reddit-top, it’s probably only fair to drag cortex into the sunlight.


Much the same idea as the previously mentioned tool, cortex adds quite a few features — things like line-by-line highlighting, jumping straight to the link or the comments, and so forth.

You can direct it straight to a subreddit with the s key, jump back to the home page with h, and refresh the list at will with r.

Again, you’ll probably have to do a little finagling to get the bulk of the cat photos displayed, if you’re using cortex outside Xorg. But that’s up to you to solve.

cortex’s main advantages over reddit-top should be very obvious though: Better access to cat photos.

Here’s where I acknowledge that I have similar difficulties between cortex and elinks as I did between reddit-top and elinks — something goofy regarding the scrollback buffer.

I bet it’s somehow related to elinks, and not the spawning software. If I get a few more hours in a day, I’ll have to solve it. 🙄

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