abook: A simple and lovely address book

I like simple, well designed, clean and pretty software. That’s all I ask.

abook is all of those things: Simply designed, with a clear focus and a visual style that follows its physical analogue — an index card or rolodex.

2013-03-10-solo-2150-abook-01 2013-03-10-solo-2150-abook-02

Plenty of options and information to enter. Converting your traditional office address book to this digital format will keep the intern busy for weeks! 😉

Just kidding. Judging by the help page, abook was intended to interface directly with mutt.

It may be possible to incorporate it into other e-mail clients though. You try and tell me how it works.

I don’t have enough addresses to warrant keeping abook on my machine very long. And alpine has its own built-in address book application.

Which is doubly a shame, because this is clean and crisp software that deserves more use. 😐

P.S.: Take a look at the .abookrc file too, as there are a few customizations you can add, if, for example, you prefer a specialized data field, or autosave behavior.

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