archmage: Prettifying chm files

File converters ride that fine line between console applications and tools, in my book.

They’re useful of course, and occasionally serve as important tools for other, larger programs.

But as applications … they’re a little slim.

archmage does a decent job recasting chm files as either pdf files or nicely arranged html documents. There’s nothing to see while archmage is at work; the final product looks like this, depending on how much graphical leeway you give it.

2013-03-10-solo-2150-archmage-01 2013-03-10-l3-e7548-archmage-02

I mentioned pdf output, but to be honest, I didn’t see that from archmage. The option is there and it seems to work, but also needs htmldoc (?) and ran for an awful long time with no product.

If it works for you, let me know and I’ll try again.

Beyond that … there isn’t much archmage does. And since there’s not much of an interface to speak of, it’s pretty much a one-shot application.

On the other hand, it does a darned good job prettifying your chm files. 😐

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