cone: An option for e-mail

I can be honest when I say I’ve never found a graphical e-mail client that I liked as much as most text-based ones.

Maybe I’m overgeneralizing there, since there are plenty of options to pick from — on both sides of the fence. But really, some console e-mail tools are excellent.

cone is one that really stands out.

2013-03-08-solo-2150-cone-01 2013-03-08-solo-2150-cone-02

Setup is a piece of cake, with only one menu that needs completion and a few options to flag. If you’re a fellow Gmail user, I can give you these tips for getting started:

Account name:
( ) Do not send password in clear text
(x) Use an encrypted connection

Something along those lines should get you connected.

After setup, cone is quick to learn and the Debian Squeeze version (you see here) has a built-in tutorial available at the start.

cone, like alpine and probably a couple other e-mail clients, can double as a news reader. You’ll have to set that up on your own though; I usually don’t bother with that.

I can’t promise you’ll like cone, but I can promise that it will set up quick, and possibly impress you in other ways too.

9 thoughts on “cone: An option for e-mail

  1. tb.

    Such clients still have menu-based interfaces; maybe you should have a look at command-line based clients (I switched from mutt/pine to heirloom mailx and I will never switch back). At first glance, they are a little more difficult to use, but once you get accustomed they are very powerful.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      I have them on my list to try, but never seem to do well when I try to set them up. Perhaps it’s worth another shot now. …

  2. jeanmenezes

    I have installed cone both compiling from source and from official debian repositories. Didn’t work for me, the program never shows up, my terminal screen is covered with ascii garbage. googled for this issue but nobody seemed to have similar problems.
    shame on whatever caused this failure (could probably be any error on my side), i had to stick with mutt (which is also great anyway).

      1. jeanmenezes

        Well, to be more accurate, both versions from apt and from sources show what is meant to be the UI (similar to your screenshots), but words/characters are replaced with garbage/gibberish. Smells like some utf8 issue, though I am clueless about how to figure that out for real. Strange, to say the least…

  3. Rust collector

    Well, it works for me, and I do kind of like it. I installed from debian with a simple apt-get, and it works!
    And thanks for the “gmail how to” as I would never have figured that out myself.
    If I can get it working, there is hope for everyone (anything?)

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  5. Stefan

    Hmm, I have the same gibberish problems as some other people here. When I start cone there ist just gibberish where text should be. I use a en_US.UTF-8 character setting and cone 0.90

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