biew: Or is it beye?

Sometimes I find tools I love, that I have almost zero use for. beye is one of those.

2013-03-07-solo-2150-beye-01 2013-03-07-solo-2150-beye-02 2013-03-07-solo-2150-beye-03 2013-03-07-solo-2150-beye-04

I could spend an hour flipping switches in beye (or is it biew?) just to see how things look in text mode, binary, hex or disassembled.

I wouldn’t get much done, but it would be entertaining.

Seriously though, beye/biew has a plus-or-minus 20-year history and plenty of options.

Controls should be fairly easy to figure out, with most everything arranged along the F-keys, a la Midnight Commander.

Although I did have to adjust my $TERM variable before it would run. Not sure why …

I think I will keep beye on board for a while. One never knows when it may become necessary to view a file in four different ways. … 😉

2 thoughts on “biew: Or is it beye?

  1. Andy C.

    You’ve probably answered this already, but what’s the application on the right? And is that a list of software you intend to review? 😉

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      vimwiki, which I absolutely love to death. And yes, those are applications I have stacked up. But only the “B” section. There are 25 more sections. …. 😯

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