Bonus: Post 100

Not that this is a big deal, but I suppose it should be mentioned.


Of course, the last blog had many birthdays and anniversaries before it finally grew dusty and wrinkled. And got that soap-and-old-people smell.

In any case, given the relative youth of this site, a small birthday message is in order. Cheers. 😆

P.S.: Thanks to toilet for that banner. Certainly you didn’t think you’d get through a post without some mention of a console program? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Bonus: Post 100

  1. cyrano

    🙂 happy birthday. we make a party and hope in the feature of many partys

  2. tingol

    Congrats! I hope inconsolation gets even more anniversaries than your old blog.

  3. Greezael

    Congratulations! This blog is great, so kkep the good work. I’m sure the blog will last until the las terminal gets closed (forever!)

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