dex: Does a lot with a little

I keep running into lightweight editors with shortlists of specific features. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to find editors that ride tiny slivers of memory, but can, for example, fold text.

Timo Hirvonen’s dex is another ultralite editor, this time with configurable key bindings and color coding for syntax.


I don’t code enough to appreciate small things like that, but if you need a teeny-tiny editor that can do those things, dex has it covered.

Personally, I like seeing editors that can be built from a minimal of dependencies too. dex’s home page insists it uses only libc — no other obscure libraries … not even ncurses.

Which is all the more impressive when you realize dex takes up only about 0.4 percent of the memory in this machine. My rather sparse vim setup, by comparison, needs about four times as much.

And dex appears to have received updates as recently as Christmastime, which is always worth pointing out.

Next time you’re sniffing around for slender text editors, try this one. 🙂

1 thought on “dex: Does a lot with a little

  1. Anonymous Penguin

    Oh my god! I was searching for dex and landed on this site, took a look at the screenshot and saw “kmandla” in the htop window, and I was like …

    Wondering if it really is kmandla, I visited your “about” page. Hmm.. it does claim so. For verification, I immediately jumped to and indeed there was this post at the top about your new blog.

    Wow this is almost unreal.

    Now either someone hacked the old blog and posted there, and then started a new blog, or you really are the “One” 😛
    I would like to believe it is the latter.

    Welcome back.

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