fm: A fast mover, by definition

It’s difficult for me to decide what fm is. On the one hand, it does behave a lot like a file manager.


And there are times when it seems to be something very different. Almost like … an interface to the command line.

After all, you can move quickly from file to file, from directory to directory.

Hit enter, and fm drops you straight into $EDITOR. Press “l” and you get your $PAGER or viewer, according to the file type.

“s” gives you shell access, and CTRL+G gives a little information, a la ls -l.

Beyond that, there’s not a lot to tell. fm is light, fast, simple, clean and petite.

So is it a file manager? Or something else? Well … you be the judge.

P.S.: vi-like navigation! vi freaks rejoice!

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