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Into the gray area again, where the application of the day is … maybe … not really an application … so much as a script that does something smart, and you have the results to enjoy.

I’ve run into things like this more than once — was a good example, or maybe

This is album. At this point you can probably guess what it does.


Yep, makes a navigable photo album for you from the contents of a directory.

While it works, there’s little that you need to do other than some simple one-time setup. There’s little to see too. When it’s done, you open the index.html file in your browser, and scope the contents.


Of course, in a text-only environment, you might need to whack at the results a little to actually view your photos. I think this is where I would suggest wiring elinks’s file type preferences to fbv or another framebuffer image viewer.

Or you could just bite the bullet and open it in a graphical environment. Voila.


There are a boatload of options available with album — everything from themes to thumbnail size to page dimensions can be adjusted from the command line.

Like I said, it’s not really an application, but I am sure for some people this will be a fantastic asset — particularly if you have images to display on a web page. 😯

Ah, now the beauty of it becomes obvious, no … ? 🙂

5 thoughts on “album: Pictures in a show

  1. Raymii

    I was struggling with something like this myself and ended up using Jalbum, but if I’d know about this little gem… Yet again a wonderfull discovery 🙂

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