cjots: Books, pages, notes and probably more

My first impressions on cjots were that this could have a lot of uses beyond day-to-day to-do lists and mundane notes.


The home page says cjots is a text-only mimic of kjots, which apparently allows you to organize notes into pages, then into books. If you’ve used kjots and that sounds right, say so; I’m not a KDE fan, so a lot of the k*apps are foreign to me.

cjots, however, is very handy. It took me a little to get a handle on the arrangement, but once you understand the book-page-note relationship, you can find your way around cjots fairly easily.

One of the things I like about cjots (though this is probably by extension through kjots) is that it obviously has a broad scope for use. Instead of just being a to-do list manager or a text editor, cjots opens itself up to a lot of possibilities, by virtue of design.

In any case, I’ve kept cjots on board and I’m giving it a chance to usurp some of my other long-standing favorites, like vimwiki or hnb. Time will tell though. 🙂

4 thoughts on “cjots: Books, pages, notes and probably more

  1. tingol

    This is great! I’ve used hnb for my todo and short term project plans but cjots is exactly what I need for more in-depth notes about stuff.

    1. totalizator

      Naah. It’s not. Mouse support enabled by default is totally unnecessary. I can’t disable it thus copy / paste using mouse is unavailable.

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