Bonus: Back up in your BrainCurses with the resurrection

Aaron was right; it only took the addition of

#include <cstring>

to the first few lines of windows.h, and BrainCurses exploded on the screen in an adrenaline-fueled aneurysm of text-only action!


Hear your pulse race as you stab blindly at the colors before you! Feel the sweat on your brow as you wildly decode the series of red and white X’s that signal your success! The panic! The horror! 🙄

Back to reality. … Not bad for a game time-stamped in 2002. Think how different the world was, when BrainCurses saw its last update.

In all seriousness, I can’t say which I prefer — BrainCurses or masterm, since they both have their strong points.

Install them both; you can decide for yourself. You’ll be using up probably less than a megabyte of space.

A gold star for Aaron though, for doing the legwork to resurrect BrainCurses: 😀