jackmeter: A peak meter for JACK

Some tools are so simple and straightforward that there’s little I can do to explain how they work. Once glance, and it’s fairly obvious.


That’s JACK meter, which, if you know what JACK is, you’ll have an idea of what it does. It shows the peak levels moving through the audio system, in nifty console style.

What can I add to that? Very little. What you see in the photo there is about as close as I can get to snazzy output for JACK meter, and really just comes off the program’s home page.

I am not very familiar with how JACK works (yes, go ahead, make the joke now 🙄 ) and so getting a different … port (?) became an endless stream of Google searches and wiki pages.

If you know what the labels are for different ports, please let me know. I’d like to see JACK meter running in its full glory, rather than just idly staring at my empty microphone plug. 😦


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