fe: An emacs-style folding editor

I enjoy poking around with oddball text editors. It’s fun to see how many different ways there are to save letters to a file.

A long while ago I mentioned fe, a very simple text editor from the creator of teapot, that offers a folding feature.

At that time I didn’t look very deep into the application; folding isn’t something I necessarily need, and fe follows emacs-style keybindings. 😐

But I took a little time one morning and came up with this.


If you look closely, you can see spots with triple-brackets or points of ellipsis. Those are areas of text marked for folding, and cleverly hide my blog password from your prying eyes. 😉

Of course, folding is not intended as some sort of weak-sauce security feature. Coders will appreciate fe’s folding features, and emacs fans will like the key arrangement.

And people like me will enjoy fe because it rides in a massive 0.7 percent of my 256Mb of memory available, making it one of the few editors I know of that can hover in less than 1.8Mb of space.

For a second time, a tip of the hat to the Michael Haardt. 😀


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