Bonus: Tim’s combo picture frame and clock

When you get a chance, stop by Metric Rat and take a look at Tim’s conversion of a standard-issue 333Mhz Dell Latitude CPt laptop to a dual-purpose clock and digital picture frame.

Tim gave me permission to show a couple of photos here, just to whet your appetite.

2013-03-06-metricrat-cpt 2013-03-06-metricrat-dpf6

It seems like years since I put together my own digital picture frame, out of a battered 133Mhz Pentium. Probably because it was years ago. … 🙄

Tim went the extra mile though and did it all in the framebuffer — something I never tried.

Also never thought to splice the clock with the image frame, and Tim solves the issue of making tty-clock, screen and the image display program work together … in a very clever way.

Best of all, it looks like Tim has automated a lot of the startup process, so I’m guessing the whole business comes to life at the press of the power button.

If you have the time and interest, something like this is a clever way to use an old computer.

I know seeing something like this makes me want to build another one. You’d think I would have another old machine lying around here, eligible for such a conversion. … 😐


3 thoughts on “Bonus: Tim’s combo picture frame and clock

  1. livibetter

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I have wanted to read more blogs like yours, but it’s very hard to search when you try to.

    Although I like your regular posts on specific programs on this new blog, but I like more when you are writing about specific problem or your laptops. I’d hope you can introduce us more blogs or blog posts you have read which are about command-line or terminal stuff mostly.

    Lastly, I can hear everyone who is reading this post, shouting “Do it, K.Mandla!” 😀

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Thanks, as things like this appear, I can sure add them.

      For my own part I don’t seem to have many technical issues these days. There are real-life reasons for that (less free time means less experimentation), but also this new focus is easier for me to manage.

      I do enjoy reading about projects like Tim’s, or like Raymii’s 286 from years ago. And I enjoy sending them a little traffic. 😉 Whenever I hear of one, I’ll be sure to make a note of it.


  2. Metric Rat (Tim)

    Thanks for the “publicity” Kmandla 🙂 I have made a small adjustment since first posting as things seemed to go screwy when mplayer looped, so a small script now works out length of display for each picture once for the time the laptop is on (19 hours a day). Actually having the same image on screen for a couple of minutes is, I find, less distracting than when changing every twenty seconds. When I have made the box, it’ll go up on the office wall.

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