get-flash-videos: TSIA

I suppose, just having written the name of this post, that there’s nothing much more to say about get-flash-videos. The title says it all.

And what the title doesn’t say, a picture has 999 more words for.


And there, in a nutshell is get-flash-videos. I mentioned the ubiquitous youtube-dl a while ago, so I feel somewhat obligated to mention this one too.

The two differ primarily in that youtube-dl is intended for YouTube plus a few other sites. get-flash-videos claims a long list of compatible sites, and for the few that I tried, it did its job well.

So depending on the site you want to access, there may be one or another tool that works better.

Meaning? As unbelievable as it sounds, you have a choice of command-line flash video downloaders with Linux. Brace yourself: It gets even wilder from now on. … 😈

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