beeswax: Sadly, no progress

A few years ago I found beeswax, a task organizer for the console. It was sufficiently impressive at the time.

I found it the other day on a list of console applications, and checked in to see if any progress was made.

2013-01-12-solo-2150-beeswax-01 2013-01-12-solo-2150-beeswax-02

Unfortunately, no. It looks like beeswax stalled sometime around November 2008, and never resurfaced again. Still holding the same reverse video problems, and hamstrung “quit” key.

Which is a shame. Like I mentioned a long time ago, beeswax gives a little more freedom over your note hierarchy, which is sometimes welcome.

But unless you have the talent to breathe life into it, it will probably remain in the state you see it now — the same state I saw it in December 2009, and the same state it appeared in at the end of 2008. Almost five years ago. 😦