adcd: Your basic CD player

I have a fondness for simple, straightforward software that does only one thing but does it well.

I probably can’t get any simpler or straightforward-er than a diminutive CD player named … adcd, of course.


Play. Pause. Stop. Open and close. Previous and next. A help key (with cool bonuses!). A few controls for volume, a few for looping and a button to shut it all down.

Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. 😉

The sad part of finding this — at this point in time — is that to properly test it, I would have to actually ask around at the office to see who actually owns a CD, and ask politely to borrow it.

The last CD I owned was probably 10 years ago, and that was only because I couldn’t pawn it or dump it on ebay. 😐 Nowadays if you don’t have a smartphone that holds all your music, you’re a pariah.

So maybe this little tool is a decade past its prime.

But then again, if you get a hankering to set up a very small or very light or very old machine to work as a CD player, here’s your software. 🙂

4 thoughts on “adcd: Your basic CD player

  1. Daniel

    I see CDs as kind of a distributed backup of my music, this is why I still prefer buying CDs over buying music digital. The effort to convert it is little and you can choose your preferred format.

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